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i Binding
Many poetry titles are only issued in soft covers. Generally a paperback is published in greater numbers and at a lower price than a hardback. However a first paperback edition of a collectable poet is still often more than the original cost of the book. |top|

i Edition
When reprinted, a book is not collectable and consequently cheaper than a first edition. Later revised or illustrated editions qualify as first thus editions and may still be desirable.|top|

i Condition
A Collector?s copy is a book in a condition as close to that when published as can be expected.
A Reasonable copy may have faults but not offensive ones.
A Reading copy can get away with almost anything barring missing pages.
The value of the above ascends accordingly.|top|

i Dust Jackets
Dust jackets in fine condition are essential for modern first editions to command a top price. Many early 20th Century books, however, may no longer have them and cannot, reasonably, be expected to do so.|top|

i Signed Copies
A book signed by a famous author will raise its value considerably. Some author?s signatures will not greatly increase the price.|top|